and Products.


Virtual work is here to stay. I am continually optimizing remote operating procedures in order to continue the transition and still exceed goals. I'm happy to share my platform-agnostic collaboration and leadership models with you.

Your platform collects “everything”? Great! Now what? I create custom analyses with your business and your customers driving the work. I collaborate with you to generate the most valuable questions, then I get to work answering those questions.

Specialties include analyzing online collaboration environments, digital communities, UX/content consumption and media targeting.


iTV is many things, and there are still many experiences and opportunities out there for content creators, developers, MVPDs and rights holders. I am happy to share what I have learned.

"Just because they have a toaster and an oven doesn't mean they want a toaster oven". Let's talk.

People, Products and Leadership

I am fortunate to be associated with many impressive media/tech teams and organizations. I leverage my sales and engineering background when creating products, and then lean on my leadership experience to level them up.

Meet Brendan

Brendan has a successful track-record of building first-to-market products and services.

He is a strategic media executive and interactive television pioneer who develops meaningful user experiences using equal parts story and technology. With a background in live sports production and media sales, he was a co-founder of MTV Networks’ (NASDAQ:VIAB) first convergence group where he provided internal consulting, prototype development, and product launches on a range of interactive platforms for Viacom. He was recruited to create marketable content experiences for leading set-top chip-maker Broadcom (NASDAQ:AVGO) through a privately funded startup called BluetorchTV (now FUEL TV on FOX), and served as VP and Creative Director for an MIT Media Lab spinoff, focusing on clickable video television commerce.

He served as an Assistant Professor of Communications within the State University of New York system, where he helped develop a new Digital Media major while incorporating interactive production into traditional tv/radio/film education.

His fully-funded digital media research produced valuable models of networked leadership and digital collaboration, and was presented at the 4th Annual UK Social Network Analysis Conference in London. He has edited published book manuscripts on the topics of television technology and user experience, and his research has been received by media executives as “an in-depth MBA that will inform future business and policy decisions”. He also founded a social fitness startup called Body.LinkSystems which creates engaging social experiences by incorporating real-time fitness data across entertainment and gaming platforms.